A reading room, separate from your home library?

The idea of having a special room set aside as a reading room only is not so far fetched, as it might seem at first. If you consider the ideal conditions for storing books with the conditions typically seen as most comfortable and pleasant for reading or working with books you will see the striking differences. Books (especially antique and valuable volumes) are best kept in rooms with little natural light and with low humidity. Reading is something that most people enjoy doing with natural light. Personally, I really like open air or at least an open window. It is therefore not such a bad idea to have a small room adjacent to you home library (if your financial situation permits :) ) that is specifically designed as a reading room. This means comfortable furniture, a large window to allow as much natural light as possible, well planned sources of artificial light, a desk and perhaps a small bookcase to store the books that you are working with at the time.