Bookcases and shelves for home libraries: How to choose the right ones?

Home libraries usually have additional features that enhance their look and functionality: creative light fixtures, ladders, various kinds of chairs, desks, lecterns, paintings, statues, book accessories etc. There is however one thing that a home library must have. Bookcases! Here are some pointers on choosing the right ones for you.

Tip #1There is one problem that any experience book owner must be aware of. Sagging bookcases. One certainly wonders whether manufacturers assume that people who love books heavily prefer paperbacks. Because after a couple of years some book shelves begin to bend under the weight of even moderately sized hardcovers, never mind dictionaries and encyclopedias. What's the solution?

When buying bookcases for your home library make sure that the shelves are not too long. The shorter, the better. It is also best to choose hard wood. Short bookshelves may not look aesthetically pleasing. Note, however, that this can be very easily concealed with closed bookcases. As in the example above, the glass doors create a sense of continuity. Besides, they help keep the dust off the books.

Tip #2 Go tall. Not only you will be able to fit more books into your bookcase, your library is sure to look better as a result. Floor to ceiling, ideally. But be absolutely sure to secure the shelves with anchors. And if you have small children in the house, keep them out of the library room.

Tip #3 Provide space for books of different height. Oversized volumes are common and you may easily acquire more of them later on even if presently you only own a few of them (and probably lay lem flat on tow of other books. Hello?) Ideally, your bookshelves would be adjustable. This way you can rearrange them every now and then, to change the look and purpose of the library.