Faux books in a home library

Faux Book Box CD / DVD Holder Cabinet

Using faux books is a long-standing tradition in home library decoration. Very often faux book panels are used to cover doors, hidden cabinets and objects that chash in their style with the look of the room (e.g. LCD TVs). There are, believe it or not, manufacturers of faux books. They specialize in creating extremely well-designed panels that feature a variety of different looks.

The beauty of this custom approach to faux books is in the fact that you can fill a "bookcase" with very imaginative titles, often books that don't even exist! The library of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth has a door covered with such faux books. The titles include "Kant on hypocrisy", "Venus observed", "Plays never acted", "Wolf's life of a lamb", "Endless road" by Wanda Farr, and "Knick knacks" by Paddy Whack. There is deep irony in turning actual fake books into virtual fake works that never were and probably never will be written. If you have any sort of creative strain in you, make sure to use this opportunity to show off your imagination. Just keep in mind that hiding a safe with priceless jewels behind such obviously fake books will not be a good idea.