Bookshelves - a fresh idea for a home library

A fresh and unusual look can be easily achieved by using what almost appears to be wine storage. What I particularly like about it is that you don't need bookends. For heavier books it is even better if they lie on the side. This way, the binding remains intact longer, and so does the dust cover if there is one. You can put books on the left or on the right side of each "cell". The only thing I would add is a way to put shelves inside the cells, dividing them into two compartments. This would create horizontal surfaces for some art pieces etc. Also, this would make it less evident that the whole shelving unit was converted from something totally different. Another big advantage of this shelving solution is that you can easily find these unusual units or even have them custom built without thinking too much about the design - there are existing plans and plenty of carpenters who can readily build such shelves.