Barrister bookcase design plans

Do you have a small book collection that you intend to grow, but you really dislike having empty shelves? There is a great solution. The barrister bookcase is believed to have been popular among British lawyers who often experienced the need to expand their existing book storage capacity -- sometimes five units right on top of each other. The base unit (the carcase) and the top unit are usually different in their design, but the ones in the middle are identical. As your book collection grows you can simply add more units purchased from the same maker. These bookcases can be easily stacked and they look very attractive in a traditional home library. If you are looking for a period piece it is certain to be very pricey. However, if you want to build one, there are some excellent detailed plans. Popular Mechanics published plans for a barrister bookcase in June 1987. I normally wouldn't mention it, but this issue is currently available on Google books:

Popular mechanics: Book keeper